The Benefits of Collaborative Family Law

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Collaborative family law is quickly gaining momentum and popularity in the context of family law as an alternative dispute resolution process. In cases where a couple is going through an unfortunate separation, there are many avenues available to them to resolve the outstanding issues from their marriage. Many of these cases can be simple, with minimal time required to negotiate and agree on the settlement terms. For example, when there is a short marriage, no children and minimal assets to divide, the parties involved may find it easier to agree upon how they will separate. In other more complicated cases, it can get very difficult and complicated for the separating couple to come with a resolution. This is especially important in situations that involve high emotions or hostility. Collaborative family law is not useful in every situation and in a number of cases, the parties [...]

What is a Separation Agreement?

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A separation agreement is a contract that settles the outstanding issues when a married couple decides to end the relationship. This contract is a often drafted by a family lawyer, or a divorce lawyer. However, in some situation parties to a separation decide to draft a separation agreement using a template. Many times, this is due to cost considerations or the amicable nature of the separation. There are also two types of separation agreements in the family law context. The first is an interim agreement which is of a temporary nature and time frame. This type of contract can help the separating couple to come up with a temporary resolution to important issues while negotiating a final settlement. Yes, you guessed it - the second type of agreement is a final separation agreement. An agreement of this type is an efficient tool that can be [...]

Uncontested Divorce in Ontario

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What is an uncontested divorce? A simple divorce in Ontario is a type of divorce that is filed in the Superior Court of Justice. The Applicant in this case files a claim for divorce only, with no other claims being made such as child support, custody or access of children, or property division. When the applicant files for the divorce, and serves the Respondent (the other party to the marriage), the Respondent has a set time to respond to the divorce claim. This time frame is 30 days if the Respondent lives within Canada or United States, or 60 days if the Respondent lives abroad. If the Respondent does not file an Answer in court within the time limit, the divorce is considered to be an uncontested divorce in Ontario. Who can file an uncontested divorce? Either party to a marriage can file for a [...]

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