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Bluetown Law was founded by Numan Ahmad Bajwa, a forward thinking and technology driven Family Lawyer in Toronto. The simple philosophy for the firm is simple, help the greatest amount of people possible while providing the most affordable options for services in Family Law and Real Estate Law. This model quickly gained popularity and due to client demand, Mr. Bajwa opened a Bluetown Law location in Mississauga, Ontario. That West End location attracted a large amount of clients from Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Burlington and other surrounding areas. With so many people in the Greater Toronto Area requiring services, such as custody, access, simple divorce, separation agreements, marriage contracts, title transfer of matrimonial home, mortgage refinance, purchasing and selling property- Bluetown Law Family and Real Estate Lawyers have been very busy and plan on opening locations in Vaughan, Scarborough, and Downtown Toronto.

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    Affordable Family and Real Estate Services

    Why pay complicated fees for everyday services?

    Simple Divorce

    Over 90% of all divorce cases are simple divorce applications, such as sole divorce or joint divorce.

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    Separation Agreements

    Drafting a Separation Agreement is perhaps the most efficient way to complete the separation process.

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    Marriage Contracts

    Sometimes it makes sense to protect your assets and contract out of support provisions under the Family Law Act.

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    Opinion Letter

    If you were divorced outside of Canada and would like to get married in Ontario, you require this foreign divorce opinion letter.

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    Contested Divorce

    While many cases are uncontested, some cases require negotiations or court litigation to resolve the outstanding issues.

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    Title Transfer

    If you are transferring the matrimonial home or other property, you will require a Real-Estate lawyer to complete the transaction.

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    Purchasing Property

    When you purchase a property in Ontario, you will need a Real-Estate lawyers for the closing of the transaction.

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    Selling Property

    Selling your property? our Real-Estate lawyers will be happy to walk you through the process and complete your transaction.

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    Refinance Mortgage

    Our Real Estate lawyers will represent you and the bank to complete your refinance of mortgage transaction.

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    We have answers…

    Learn how our clients have literally saved (tens of) thousands of dollars by hiring our family lawyers to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement and having the terms of that settlement drafted into a separation agreement.

    The divorce process in Ontario can be simple or complex. This depends on the nature of your case and the willingness of both parties to come up with a resolution for the outstanding issues in your separation.

    If both parties are willing to negotiate a settlement, you can be sure to save a lot time and mental stress, not to mention money saved on legal costs. Our Divorce Lawyers can help you negotiate a fair settlement in an efficient time frame. Ask us about the collaborative law family law process.

    If you are filing for a simple divorce in Ontario, the government court fee is currently $632.00. The legal costs that you pay to a family lawyer to complete the process depends on the lawyer’s fees. We offer simple and affordable fees for the divorce process.

    Our Real Estate Lawyers have completed hundreds of title transfer transactions simply because many of our clients need to transfer title of their matrimonial home based on the terms of their separation agreement. We offer flat rate fees for this process.

    If you are buying or selling property, you will require an Ontario Real Estate Lawyer to complete the transaction and close on your deal. Our Real Estate lawyers offer affordable fees to complete your purchase or sale of property closing.

    If you are refinancing your mortgage, and perhaps purchasing the interests of your spouse in the matrimonial home, we are ready to complete and close on this transaction. Our Real Estate lawyers are experts in Real Estate transactions, especially when in connection with the matrimonial home.

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